torsdag 26. juli 2012

Ole and Lena Olsen!

Welcome to our blog! We are Ole and Lena Olsen (Lena nee. Nissesdatter) from Drøbak in Norway. We are incredibly cute, and love to have fun and run around!

The song we are singing is a very slow (and a little boring) one, "I'll be home for christmas" - Frank Sinatra! But - we will do "The slow boat to ... oh yeah, Florida (not China) it fits our style of travel!

First we need passports, and lifevests, then Ole needs a bow tie for the formal night. Lena looks fine in her close to a bunad-style dress, so she will do fine. I am not sure if Ole will get on board the airplane to Barcelona with his knife though... we'll see how strict the security is ;)

The first thing Ole did when we got in to the big city (Oslo) was to run out for a beer... and today he has a bad hangover and the only thing he want to do is to sit in the sofa and talk about the old days in Drøbak where he was born in Tregaarden, Julehuset, it is a beautiful old house.

Tregaarden's Christmas house and the Christmas house official post office are located in the centre of Drøbak, a small town about 35 km. south of Oslo.

We met the postmaster, Ole's uncle Sven at the postoffice:

Uncle Postmaster Sven Olsen

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